Dear TLT Players,

It comes with great regret that we have to announce the permanent shut down of the game, effective immediately as of August 1st 2014. The website and forums will remain available until then, so that players can still communicate.
The Lost Titans showed a lot of promise during its inception, but overtime has been unable to maintain a large enough audience to sustain itself. Mainly due to the game development being stopped, which lead to the lack of content (and inevitably to its own demise) even with our ambitious GM going above and beyond to create and implement content of his own to no avail.
For most that have continued their support of the game (especially the die-hards), it's truly upsetting to inform you all of this closure. We sincerely apologize to our amazing community that we were unable to provide the enjoyment that you all deserve. GBE Games' is extremely proud and thankful to have amassed such a following and fortunate enough to have worked together with a few as well. Thank you for your support!

To those of you who are wondering what happens next, we hope you'll continue to stay within the GBE Games' family as we work towards finding bigger and better free-to-play games to add to our collection!
We will be compensating TLT players accordingly (restrictions apply) who decide to play in one of our existing titles, follow this link and we'll get you started in the process as quickly and as smoothly as possible!
We wish you all the best in carrying the amazing TLT community on over to whichever game you so choose!

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