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TLT Survey is over. Thanks everyone!
April 11, 2014

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The Lost Titans Survey has come to an end!

We would like to thank everyone who participated as we received tons of valuable feedback for the upcoming updates.

Again, thanks everyone for participating, and stay tuned! These improvements may be up sooner than you expect.

Regards! - The Lost Titans Staff

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Survey: Help us, help you improving The Lost Titans!
March 21, 2014

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Hello everyone!

Finally, The Lost Titans Survey is out!
The feedback we receive from this survey will decide the updates the game will be having on the upcoming weeks. Our end goal is to have a game that's fueled and enjoyed by the community!

We really appreciate your feedback and support, thank you in advance. When completing the survey, you'll receive a Redemption Code containing a Lucky Pack (2000 Gold Value) as token of appreciation.

Access the Survey: [Survey has ended. Thanks everyone for your feedback!]

Thank you everyone, and see you in Aristos!

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Maintenance - 3/19/2014
March 17, 2014

Hello everyone!

Tonight we will be having our regular maintenance at 3:00 AM EST. Estimated downtime will be 1-2 hours.

This maintenance should solve most connection/daily reset problems happening lately, please be sure to submit a ticket if your problems still persists after this.


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Updates on Survey, Apologies, and Support System Clean-up
March 14, 2014

Updates Survey coming up next week!

As we mentioned before, we were preparing a list with a list of updates we're able to do on our own.

In order to ensure these updates make the game better for the whole community, we will be sending a survey where you will be able to give your opinion about each possible update, and with the whole community we will decide which updates should (or shouldn't) be applied on The Lost Titans

This survey will be sent next week, and updates will start coming shortly after! We really hope to get as much feedback as possible to improve the game as it deserves. Thanks in advance to every single one of you for your support!

Official Apologies

We would like to give our most sincere apologies for last weeks server unstability, bugs on daily quests and delay on Support System.

When moving servers, it seems some problems came up with database and other game's software and connection. Tech team has been trying to fix these problem since then but as we need Dev's help, these problems couldn't be solved in the last couple of weeks, and we really apologize for these issues.
We're now working hard and full time with developers in order to fix these issues as soon as possible, and we're expecting to solve them the upcoming week.

On Support System side, I'm the one who has to apologize (Keron), as due to some internal reasons I didn't have time enough to give you guys and the game itself the attention you deserve.
From now I'm back in full force to bring back the Lost Titans to its best! Really, thanks community for your awesome support.

Support System Clean-up

In order to give you the best possible service, the Support System will receive a clean up, where all current open tickets will be closed.
This will happen on Saturday 3/15/2014. Please be sure to send us a ticket again after the clean-up if your issues wasn't resolved or you keep having any problem.
We're here for all of you people! Be sure to contact us for any issue you may get.

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