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TLT Service Termination
June 20, 2014

Dear TLT Players,

We sincerely regret to inform you that we will be bringing The Lost of Titans to an end. We were thrilled to release it in North America and Europe last year. Since official launch, we have been working hard to build a strong community and gaming environment through new content updates and various events.

Unfortunately, we have come to a difficult decision to close TLT due to the inability to retain a large enough audience to sustain itself. Ultimately, affecting our efforts in trying to provide the best service and gaming experience. We understand that this sudden news will disappoint our fellow veterans. We hope that the game represents some of your great gaming memories. We, too, have loved working on this game, and learned a lot throughout the service period.

The game is currently down and full service will discontinue including forum and website on August 1st, 2014.

To return the favor to our valued players, we will be offering a special treatment to make the transition to your next adventure as seamless as possible. We will be compensating for the purchase of any cash items in the past. We hope you will continue to be a part of the GBE Games family. Details on compensation are as below.

Compensation Details

Compensation Amount will vary depending on how much you’ve spent in TLT.

On the compensation page we’ll be adding here early next week, and as long as you deposited at least 50$, pick a game under GBEGames portal, then we will reimburse 50% of the total amount deposited during the whole lifetime of TLT to your account.

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TLT Update 1.2 is here!
June 04, 2014

Hello everyone!

With last night's maintenance, we updated the game to the version 1.2! This version brings up a bundle of changes to improve the overall experience, Automated Daily Gold, new level 85 Gear, and much more! Check the details below:

General Changes

    - EXP Over level 80 has been modified to avoid the EXP bug.
    - Level Cap has been set on 89.


    - All mounts are purchasable by Silver (instead of Gold) now (except Nether Rocket)
    - All mounts are purchasable by Gold at Well Mall now (Will be added today)


    - Snowman Pet stats are now fixed.

Automated Gold

    - Arenas now give Daily Gold based on your level: 40 Daily Gold (Lvl 1-44) and 80 Daily Gold (Lvl 45-89)
    - This will replace we weekly Gold giveaways (including "Over level 50 Gold"). The total amount of Gold you get over level 45 is higher than old weekly gold giveaways.

VIP System

    - Players start at VIP 1 now.
    - 4th Rune Slot is unlocked at VIP 2 now (First Deposit)
    - Equipment Enchant limit is increased to 10 at VIP 1 now (Up to 20 at VIP 5)
    - Bonus VIP EXP on Dummies has been increased 50% based on original values.
    - Players over VIP 7 will receive an unique pet (Ragestinger; not obtainable in any other way) as compensation due to the 4th Rune Slot Change
    - Note: There's a known issue on VIP System not working correctly right now. Will be fixed anytime soon.

Item Mall

    - Level 85 Legendary Gear Fragments added
    - Level 85 Artifact Fragments added
    - Level 85 Shards added
    - Level 9 Medallions added

NPC Store

    - Price of equipments on NPC has been increased.
    - Silver amount you get when selling and item to the NPC has been doubled (4 times the original value)

Clan Store

    - Level 8 Medallions added to Clan Store
    - Level 9 Medallions added to Clan Store

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Maps download issue - Manual Patch
May 02, 2014

Hello everyone!

In order to fix the map download issues we've been having lately in The Lost Titans, we're going to provide a manual method to solve these download problems. Just follow these simple instructions and map download issues should be gone!:

    - Download the required file from this link (Alternative links: Mirror 1)
    - Find the "zywxsoft" folder located on your harddrive.
    - Find and delete the "Data" folder located in "zywxsoft\TLT_GBE"
    - Uncompress the downloaded file on the same location.
    - Done!

Please let us know if you have any doubt or issues with this manual patch, and enjoy The Lost Titans!


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TLT Update 1.1.1 is here!
April 29, 2014

Hello everyone!

With last maintenance, we applied the so-awaited Pet Patch on live servers! This patch introduces a completely revamped Pet System. Our goal with these changes is to give players more options to choose when selecting their companion, and also, we want players to be able to use Pets as part of their build, as depending on the Skills the pet get, it'll be worse of better on specific situations, making the pet itself a part of player's combat build.

General Changes

    - Equipments now give double amount (200%) when selling to NPCs.

    - Number of Warsouls obtained by Silver has been increased 40% based on original values

    - Chance to get Multipliers when buying Warsouls has been increased 50% based on original values

Pet System Changes

    - Pets Quality has been changed. Now there's a total of 12 Platinum (Top Quality) Pets.

    - Pets Price (Blue and Purple Warsouls) has been adjusted according to their quality.

    - Pets Stats have been adjusted according to their quality

    - Pets (Only Platinum) will now have only 1 starting skill, and will get a random skill when adopting them. Please note this skill is completely random, and may be different than the one showing on the Store when you adopt the pet. Random Skills will be either a Control Skill or Damage+Debuff Skill.

    - Snoutspout has arrived! This completely new companion has arrived to the Pet Store! (Platinum Quality)

Specific Notes

    - In order to Balance the new Pet System, Stormfell skill "Poison" has been removed.

    - In order to Balance the new Pet System, Foxtail skill "Comet Fist" has been removed.

    - Please note the Pet Skill Changes will ONLY apply to new adopted pets. Current pets may keep the same skills as before.

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